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Discovered a canvas,
with a snowy white face;
All it had was a palpable periphery,
and nothing but null space.

The emptiness on that canvas
seemed so magical,
Made me absolutely spell-bound,
Yet, it all felt so irrational.

With all the courage I had,
Picked up my mighty brush;
And leaned forward to paint
but was thrown back in a rush.

Before I could understand,
The canvas spoke out loud;
“I’m meant for just one.
That’s my reason to be proud”.

“Many have come and gone,
Not a single painting did sustain”;
“I’ll give you just one chance,
Please! Don’t let it go in vain”.

She continued, “Don’t fill me
With the plethora of dreams you see;
I would rather love a singularity
describing both, you and me.”

Oh! I just loved her beauty,
and wanted her so bad.
For her, I could have sacrificed
'The very last thing I ever had'.

With the best strokes ever,
Created a heavenly art.
With the canvas inside it,
I embodied my own pumping heart.

Her aura was filled with silence,
and her soul started to weep;
She uttered, “ You’re the one!
I’m all yours to keep”

She felt the pinnacle of my love,
'twas so pure and divine;
And in the serene skies of life
she was my only star to shine.

Then those magical words appeared,
That never fail to amaze;
“Now, I’m a piece of you,

Forever and Always.”

                 - word$lash
              (Adesh Rohan Mishra)

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