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Ever been stranded in a position for so long that you didn't know the next step? Got tired coz it seemed things will never work out? Yes, life is generous. We all have such episodes, and so do I.

It was in my second year of my Secondary School. My academic performance was not only nosediving but also digging deep in the sand. My last gasp of energy was wearing out. My last gulp of hope was fading off. On this Saturday Morning, after my breakfast, I sat composed, undecided what next, staring on my Maths Revision book like an art analyst.

Charles, a form four student comes in. He is a stranger to me. Unexpectedly he stops by my side and comments, "A time like this you should be revising with your notes and course books before going further into the revision books". My mind went blank, seemed like a wet dumpy blanket had just gotten off my shoulder. He had unleashed my biggest error, and my mistake. It was a life changing moment.

We failed to have more time with him for the remaining months, but he kept saying, " Do it differently to get different results". As much as I complain of my life in that school, this statement rung in my mind like my morning alarm. It stuck so deep that my conscious rose up from the coma. My cup of energy refilled every morning, my hope regenerated like a cell. It was not the same again.

What was your life changing moment? I know not. But that was mine. Like a fisherman has to go deeper into the ocean for a bigger and more pleasing catch, so should you. Be bold to go the extra mile, to sweat the staff, to strain harder to get a bigger catch. The same fisherman upgrades his net to a basket net, a preferred method of fishing, to get a bigger catch in lesser time. Upgrade your strategies, change your moves, and life will never be the same.

The say change is inevitable, and that it is the core of life. Adjustments are as relevant as we need to fix that open wound on the bare skin. As we turn up a new year, let us take up the cost of the value we want to achieve. Let us embrace the readiness to change my strategies to get better results. Let us be bold to walk out of the comfort zone and sweat the staff.

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