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Can you look at me and realize what i felt on you

For some reason can you say you loved too

I look at else and keep searching for you

knowing i cant yet i search, end it for i cant.

We still talk like nothing between us, were you ever to accept it

Everyday your thought emerges, can you also accept it

I have no more options other than to walk away and you didn't let me do tat too

Let me go, end it for i cant.

Wishing for each others happiness silently 

Refusing to express even though we know we can

Between words and silence you lost me

Fade away, end it for i cant.

Will i come to you if you call me

For this heart of mine had been tempered with

Falls for you yet despise you

Do me a favor and end it for i know its what i want

End it for i can not do it on my own

End it for its what the least you can do

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