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Little did i know that i was living in opaque

The paths greener, the sights colored

Air crisp and for all i now you made things better

Talks the best for i can remember, is your voice

Your eyes, the promises made by you eyes made me

feel everything will be fine even if we are not.

Days turned to months and months later i knew-

My hands were for you to clasp in

My future was for you to live in

My dream were for you to be in

Of all i knew i didn't have to change for love

Little did i know i was not only living in the opaque i was the opaque

We had to move on, We had to let go

Moments changed, Situations changed

Life changed, You changed too

Did you know my smile did too

Shattered was my all, for i didn't pick up the pieces.

Yet a fine day a shadow picked me up

Not realizing i gave unto

but couldn't give all my part, fearing

Fearing can't have the remaining broken

For all i know is may be that's filled all in

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