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Sometimes in a minute calling a person would be insane,

All you want is to talk but cant dial the number.

The feeling leaves you mundane, lack of love-

Does it hurt you for not getting what you want

Does it hurt if you are not been seen

Will time fly to the end, where i was expecting to live every inch

If all u had was disappointment what have we left to live

In few occasions we realize what we are to many

All words said and spoken will be so dilute 

If i can transfer this to words did i win or lose?

Days months i have no idea what this could all sum up to

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Well very nicely presented the "sum up to" phrase, if I'm not wrong this was confusion what you were presenting.
Nice post
commented by
absolutely mate it is a confusion and hoping would find answers of an unknown
commented by
you surely will find out

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