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What did I expect?

What did I foresee?

A child who would look up to me

A child who would come to me during happiness and sadness

A child on whom I could depend for joy and happiness,

Draw sympathy and empathy during days of strife and solitude

Was I selfish in expecting and foreseeing facts of life

Which may have evolved in its natural phenomena?

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These lines clearly defines the relationship between mother and her child
I Liked it!! :) Good
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Thanks Priya, I agree with you, since this is what I thought when I wrote this poem
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very soothing lines... great poem... :)
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nice, nice , nice
 the only word i can say
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phenomenal lines :)

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Thanks Bhavna, I am glad you enjoyed reading my poem.
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Thanks Ravi for your feedback.
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Annapoorna, what I believe is that a mother is a selfless goddess, who never demands anything back from her child for her services.  Materialistic expectations are a father's virtue; joy, hope, love, and things that you have talked about in your poem are a mother's. Loved reading it. :)
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@Annapoorna - very well written :)

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