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PoemFiesta - Melody in Words Competition

The Best Poem of the month competition will be ongoing for a complete month. Anyone can share their Poems on YoAlfaaz irrespective of any age or topic.

Competition Details:

Start: 11th July

End: 10th August

Result: 30th August


  1. A novel
  2. Winning post will be featured on top for a complete week
  3. Winner's name will be added to Winners page on YoAlfaaz


  1. You can share as many Poems as you want.

  2. This particular competition has no specific theme, so you can surprise us with your best write-ups.

  3. The Poem you share should not be copied from anywhere else.

  4. No matter, if your Poem has published anywhere on the internet or not. You just need to make sure that when you publish your work here, either your real name or pen name is same as that on any other websites.

  5. You are most welcome to share other posts as well (like short stories, rubaiyat, songs, nazm...) but those will not be considered for the competition.

  6. Try to keep the spelling of the words as such, they can be understood by everyone else, because that will matter in the competition.

  7. You can promote your posts by sharing them on social networks but the promotion of any other stuff through your posts is strictly prohibited in YoAlfaaz community.

  8. Follow YoAlfaaz on any of its social profiles like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram.

  9. Be sure that in any case the admins of this website will not win the competition and they will not give the prize to any of their known participants.

  10. We will contact the winner by email and the prize will be sent through courier.

  11. The posts which are already shared on YoAlfaaz (before the starting of competition) will not be considered under competition.

  12. If you delete your existing post to share it again on YoAlfaaz for competition then also your post will not be considered under competition moreover, your account can be banned for such an act.

Criteria for Selection of Best Poem

The meaning of the lines and words always matter when we organise this kind of a competition, but what other things matter are:

  1. The meaning of the lines written.

  2. The overall meaning of the Poem

  3. The message that your Poem deliver.

  4. The number of views your Poem get. So do share your post on your social profiles in order to have a better chance of winning.

  5. Your post should not be abusive to any individual, group or religion.

Please follow the last rule point strictly otherwise, either your posts will be removed or even the user's account can be banned from the community.

How to take part in the competition

  1. Login to the website (if you are a new member then register first).

  2. Go to Share a Post page

  3. Type your post and then click the share button.

If you face any problem during the process then check F.A.Q.

Finally, we will assess and shortlist the best Poems shared on YoAlfaaz and those will go ahead for the final assessment. After that, the best three posts will be chosen based on the above criteria and those three will be rewarded.

For any query, you can contact us and we'll try to solve that as soon as possible.

We hope that you enjoy the competition and will become an integral part of YoAlfaaz community.

Now you can start to Share Your Posts.




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