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My love at first sight
When first time
I saw in mirror
I realized
I am in love
From then ownwards
We promised each other
All joys, sorrows, pains
We shall share together
I asked about death
It said, if i die you die too
I won't leave you behind
It will be end of
the love at first sight

©kalpana's imagination
Jun 18, 2016 by kalpana
A Simple appeal

Whether Orlando, Brussel, Mumbai, Iraq or Syria
Whichever part of the world killings happen
No part of the world can bear the blood of their children
If it's happening every mother will be questioning;
Where did your morality lost before picking guns?
Where were your kins living in you? Are they there in your hearts?
God in yourself too is asking you before killing, why did you kill me within you?
Forgotten was me in you and awoke a satan sleeping in you
Tempting your adrenaline to act and react wrongly
With the guns to empower your soul
Look at the blood splattered on the floor
A blood is the same  flowing in you
Then why have you discriminated between them and you?
Were your discussions and decisions powerful than your love that once also your heart haven't shivered?
They were not your gifts to be taken back
No religion or no logic allows you to take the gift which does not belong to you
Death is not so cheap to be abused by guns to kill
It has to revered and given by one almighty and not by varied opinions of people
Now what has happened cannot be changed
but now onwards we the world make an appeal to the world
Pray, if you get the thoughts of killing or hurting people to be stopped and not compel them to be acted upon.

©Kalpana's Imagination
Jun 18, 2016 by kalpana



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