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Competition Winners


 Name: Akshi Girdhar

 Winning Post: With Grandpa.

 Competition: PoemFiesta

 Duration: "11th July 2018" to "10th Aug 2018"


 Name: Pratik Lokhande

 Winning Post: मुस्कुराहट की वजह

 Competition: Alfaaz-e-Shayari

 Duration: "1st Sept 2017" to "30th Sept 2017"


 Name: Imran Ahmad

 Winning Post: Frozen in Love

 Competition: PoemFiesta - Melody in Words

 Duration: "1st July 2017" to "31st July 2017"


 Name: Monika Chauhan

 Winning Post: Father's-Day

 Competition: Fatherhood Poetry Competition

 Duration: "1st June 2017" to "30th June 2017"


 Name: Ankita Chaturvedi

 Winning Post: In Your Womb

 Competition: Motherhood Poetry Competition

 Duration: "1st May 2017" to "15th May 2017"


 Name: Sheetal Pandita

 Winning Post: Brave Woman

 Competition: Women Empowerment Poetry Competition

 Duration: "21st Feb 2017" to "10th March 2017"


 Name: Dev Dutt

 Winning Post: My Love for you

 Competition: Love Poetry Competition

 Duration: "1st Feb 2017" to "14th Feb 2017"


 Name: Biswanath Kundu

 Winning Post: Happy New Year-2017

 Competition: New Year Poetry Competition

 Duration: "26th Dec 2016" to "31st Dec 2016"


 Name: Nawaz Heera


 Competition: Christmas Poetry Competition

 Duration: "21st Dec 2016" to "25th Dec 2016"


 Name: Sheela Joby


 Competition: YoAlfaaz Short Story Competition

 Duration: "1st Nov 2016" to "30th Nov 2016"


 Name: Sheetal Pandita

 Winning Post: Kambhkhat Ishq

 Competition: Alfaaz-e-Shayari (Best Shayari of the Month)

 Duration: "1st Sept 2016" to "30th Sept 2016"


 Name: Avijeet Das

 Winning Post: A Tribute to the Greatest Dreamer of our Generation - A.P.J Abdul  Kalam Sir

 Competition: PoemFiesta - Melody in Words (Best Poem of the Month)
 Duration: "1st July 2016" to "31st July 2016"


 Name: Kavita Panyam

 Winning Post: Dear Daddy

 Competition: Fatherhood Poetry Competition

 Duration: "1st June 2016" to "20th June 2016"


 Name: Subhajit Sanyal

 Winning Post: Different Mothers: An Ode

 Competition: Motherhood Poetry Competition

 Duration:  "1st May 2016" to "15th May 2016"


 Name: Anushree Vadiya

 Winning Post: Someone Cares For You

 Competition: Health Short Story Competition

 Duration:  "24th March 2016" to "10th April 2016"


 Name: Rajani Rawat

 Winning Post: संघर्ष

 Competition: Women Empowerment Poetry Competition

 Duration: "20th Feb 2016" to "10th Mar 2016"


 Name: Jacqueline Lobo

 Winning Post: Celebrating Love

 Competition: YoAlfaaz Love Poetry Competition

 Duration: "7th Feb 2016" to "14th Feb 2016"


 Name: Monojit Dutta

 Winning Post: All You Need is

 Competition: YoAlfaaz Short Story Competition

 Duration: "1st Nov 2015" to "30th Nov 2015"


 Name: pakeeza

 Winning Post: Pardesi ka naam...

 Competition: Best Shayari Competition

 Duration: "1st Sept 2015" to "30th Sept 2015"


 Name: Ashutosh Dixit

 Winning Post: Walking In The Storm

 Competition: Best Poem Competition

 Duration: "13th July 2015" to "13th Aug 2015"


 Name: Hardeep Sabharwal

 Winning Post: HIV Positive

 Competition: Best Shayari or Poem of the Month

 Duration: "1st May 2014" to "31st May 2014"



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